Sezin School | Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding Design

I designed the environmental graphics and wayfinding for ATÖLYE’s award–winning architectural project: the transformation of the Private Sezin School. The project first started in 2014 with the redesign of the Open Roof Space  (pedagogical space with a spatially hybrid program with sensitivity to the needs of the 21st century) and has extended to a redesign of areas used by elementary school and kindergarten students.  

I’ve worked collaboratively with architects (first as a team member of ATÖLYE in 2016 and through my own studio practice in 2018) in order to create a visual system that not only is used to share practical information (instructions and safety) but also to inspire and create a sense of belonging in the carefully–crafted next generation learning environment. 

The four main zones in the architectural plan ( Learn – Work – Make – Meet) are reflected through different bright colors in order to provide cues for orientation. Laser-cut plywood signage are produced at ATÖLYE. 

The different aspects of the environmental graphics are designed to foster values such as playfulness, openness and wit. The messages have an inclusive tone and are communicated through genderless and whimsical characters while adding meaningful elements, such as calming messages within the parent – teacher interaction zone to appease potentially stressful conversations. 

Contributions Environmental Graphics, Concept Development, Digital Design, Wayfinding, Signage System, Character Design, Illustration, Copywriting

Sector Education, Pedagogy, Architecture

Collaboration Berna Erenoğlu & Nesile Yalçın (ATÖLYE Architecture Design Leads),  Berna Erenoğlu, Engin Ayaz, Nesile Yalçın, Begüm Ural, Elif Karaköse (Architecture Design Team), Yerçekim (Photography), Video Production: Özgür Önurme, Şevval Ceylan (Graphic Design)

Kindergarten & Elementary School | 2018 – ongoing

Hand–painted woodcuts for inspiration. 

"Open Your Mind"

Open Roof Project | 2016

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