imeceLAB | Branding

imeceLAB is an open innovation platform that brings together high school and university students to enable solutions to social, cultural, and environmental challenges in a collective manner.

imeceLAB logo is designed as an extension to the imece branding whilst creating its own youthful visual language. The brand identity draws inspiration from design thinking. Since empathy, ideation and experimentation is at the core of the design thinking process, the LAB extension logotype is created to take an human-centric approach and to showcase the spontaneity that is required while generating ideas. 

The visual identity lies heavily on hand-drawn graphics. Since ideation sessions require an open mind and the ability to embrace making mistakes, the drawings have a spontaneous feel that fight against any mental blocks that can occur during the idea generation phase.  The brand colors and typography draw inspiration from whiteboard markers and post-its.

Contributions Brand strategy, Brand identity, Logo Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Video Production

Sector Social Innovation, Community Building, Urban Mobility 

Collaboration Murathan Sırakaya (Motion Graphics)

First challenge: 
Smart and Sustainable Urban Mobility

With the partnership of the Dutch Consulate, imeceLAB launched its first open innovation process on ‘Smart and Sustainable Urban Mobility’.  

The resources and the expertise of many stakeholders such as the civil society, academia, and public institutions were brought together to help students dive deep into the subject and to offer mentorship. imeceLAB student teams researched for ways to get "smarter" in the daily movements of urban life by focusing on low-carbon mobility and sustainable urban transportation, mobility innovations, and inclusive mobility.

I designed the key visual for the promotion of the 3–month process. The collage of cities and people were designed to show the eclectic nature of the urban life in Amsterdam and Istanbul, inviting the students to "cut" the problem and "paste" new solutions by thinking and taking action. 

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