ara studio | branding

ara* n : in–between, interval, space, mediation

ara is a participatory strategy and design studio that mainly focuses on developing projects that put the planet and people first. ara is dedicated to creating meaningful work to shape a sustainable future that benefits and empowers targeted communities. The studio operates in an "in-between state" while bringing institutions, NGOs and stakeholders around social issues. ara's activities involve innovation bootcamps, transformational processes, co–design workshops and design strategies. Only in the *ara space, transformation can take place. 

The concept for the visual identity drives inspiration from music; particularly from the Claude Debussy quote: “Music is the space between the notes”. Music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them. 

Only through the silence, the rhythm and the change becomes more noticeable. The logo’s expandable nature by the use of brackets represent the studio’s flexible and adaptable approach to any problem or situation at hand. 

Contributions Concept Development, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Custom Icon Design, Art Direction

Sector Social Innovation, Design, Sustainable Development

Collaboration Murathan Sırakaya (GIFs, Motion Graphics)


The serif typeface in the logo and the use of Century Schoolbook refers to the nuance and the rhythm that ara studio uses in communication. Since sharing knowledge, methods and tools is at the core of ara studio, Century Schoolbook – originally designed to be an easy–to–read font for use in textbooks  (by Morris Fuller Benton | 1919) seemed fit as the brand’s main typeface. 


The transitional nature of the typeface makes the contrasts between the thick and thin strokes of the letterforms more pronounced and creates room for playfulness. Custom ara icons are designed with the use of glyphs, letters or shapes from the official serif typeface Century Schoolbook Bold and are paired with block ara colors. Playing around with punctuation refers to what ara designers and facilitators do best: knowing where to put the question mark, exclamation point, full stop, comma to any given process. 

Bespoke ara cards are used as tools for process design to facilitate design thinking exercises. 

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