ATÖLYE | rebranding

atölye* n : (artisan) a workshop or studio used by an artist or designer (industrial) shop.

ATÖLYE  is a transdisciplinary innovation platform that is exploring novel territory: combining a strategic design studio and a creative hub. The vibrant creative hub brings together independent, diverse and inter-disciplinary talent to foster interaction within a co–working space based in bomontiada, Istanbul. The Studio operates in a similar way to design studios across the globe and tackles a wide range of client requirements and produces award–winning work in the realm of architecture, consulting, design and technology. As of 2019, ATÖLYE is also a member of the kyu Collective whose aim is to be a source of creativity to propel the economy and society forward. Within the kyu Collective are sector-leading members such as IDEO, SYPartners, Sid Lee, Kepler, BEworks, and more.

I joined the ATÖLYE Studio’s cross–disciplinary team as their first official graphic designer in 2016. At the time, the branding was still at its early stages. The old version of the logo symbol –  designed in 2012 – was strong in idea and concept but was too thin and had issues of legibility.

ATÖLYE had just moved to bomontiada and was growing out from a start–up stage and needed a bolder and a coherent visual language that could better reflect the vigorous nature of its endeavors. 

Contributions Concept Development, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Logo Redesign, Digital Design. Environmental Graphics, Wayfinding, Signage System

Sector Community Building, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Design, Architecture

Collaborations ATÖLYE, Dara Kılıçoğlu (Art Direction), Yerçekim (Photography), Website Development & Design (Can Usta) Ufuk Barış Mutlu (Branding Guidelines Design) 

Logo Redesign

The logo symbol consists of two graphic elements. A solid circle, a capital A and a capital T. Overlapped letter A and letter T forms a stool, an easel and a table evoking a sense of rootedness through furniture and implies working in a creative space: atelier. The circle represents collaboration and equality: a space where everyone learns from each other

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