Tiny bubbles making small talk.

Two strangers enjoying music in a casual sort of way.      

The forgotten pen & the never-ending meeting of chairs.

A moment of relief.

The nose wants to kiss the rosemary. It does that sometimes.

'Tis the season.

A pleasant coincidence.

Fish out of water.

A sense of control.

Grandma has a new boyfriend. He forgets everything she wants him to.

Beatrice finally came to terms with the fact that she has no wilderness skills.

These boots are made for sleepwalking.

Herbie, the goat had a fear of the heights. 

He knew it all too well – the fights and the flights. 

His heart raced and he felt dizzy inside... 

On a quiet summer night, the moon was particularly bright. 

Falling asleep was hard, so he decided to take delight. 

He took a deep breath and climbed up to catch a sight. 

He could now reach for the stars.

Salt, pepper, courage.

A little romance in the fruit department.

Or a little fruit in the romance department.

Thomas, the sea lion feeling the wind.

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