An umbrella can protect you from the rain. A parasol can protect you from the damaging rays of the sun. An allerbmu is so terrified of confrontation that it will agree to anything

The forgotten pen & the never-ending meeting of chairs.

Tiny bubbles making small talk.

Two strangers enjoying music in a casual sort of way.      

Surprise, surprise.

A moment of relief.

The nose wants to kiss the rosemary. It does that sometimes.

'Tis the season.

A pleasant coincidence.

Fish out of water.

A sense of control.

Grandma has a new boyfriend. He forgets everything she wants him to.

Beatrice finally came to terms with the fact that she has no wilderness skills.

These boots are made for sleepwalking.

Herbie, the goat had a fear of the heights. 

He knew it all too well – the fights and the flights. 

His heart raced and he felt dizzy inside... 

On a quiet summer night, the moon was particularly bright. 

Falling asleep was hard, so he decided to take delight. 

He took a deep breath and climbed up to catch a sight. 

He could now reach for the stars.

Do you think...

These three….
a) have recently started an A Capella band named PoultryPhonic. They're not particularly good at singing but they have big hearts and great ambitions.
b) enjoy watching crime-related TV shows, bond over the adrenaline and collectively feel good about being on a calm farm, far from it all.
c) have all signed up for lots of different events and services but have trouble keeping track of their subscriptions.

Salt, pepper, courage.

A little romance in the fruit department.

Or a little fruit in the romance department.

Thomas, the sea lion feeling the wind.

On Sundays, he performs for the rabbit.

Awkward long hug on a slightly slanted rug


Rufus, the rattlesnake 

It's not always such a bad thing to have an elephant in the room.


The boy has decided that he would be a strawberry from now on. A giant one...

Of course there would be the potential danger of being gobbled up within seconds. He could easily be added into an enormous fruit bowl or find himself chopped in a sticky pie. But this was not the time to think negatively. He was now a strawberry. And life was sweeter than ever.

Variations on Ciao

My illustration got selected for the 13th edition of Tapirulan Cultural Association’s Annual Illustrators Contest. It was exhibited at the Santa Maria della Pietà Cultural Center in Cremona, Italy between December 2, 2017 and January 28, 2017. 

“Every door and every window is an opportunity for a ciao... 

The casual ciao, the curious ciao, the flirtatious ciao, the anticipated ciao, 

the hard-to-say ciao... Most of our connections begin and end with a ciao. “

Powder Fun

All year long, they glide, they slide and chew a leaf or two

People call them lazy and slow but they don’t know what these slugs are into

It’s a frosty morning and here they are

Rising early for fresh powder and fun.

It would technically take forever

To get from one place to another

Thanks to the Beetle Express,

They now worry much less

One by one they take the lift

Always aiming for the peak

Listening to the quiet sound of snow

They’re slowly getting ready for the show

Muscular, slimy and with hearts filled with joy

It’s pretty hard not to feel at home

Luckily, they have no bones to break

Downhill fun will end at the chocolate lake

They sit side by side and start slurping

As the sun goes to sleep to rise again in the morning

All warm and fuzzy in the belly

Another good day was added to their story.

Beyond The Sea





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