Re:Coded House | Branding

Re:Coded was founded on the belief that learning how to code should be available to everyone, especially populations affected by conflict. As war-shattered economies start to get back on their feet, Re:Coded prepares the conflict-affected youth to enter the digital economy as software developers and tech leaders by organizing coding bootcamps, entrepreneurship training and tech workshops in Yemen, Iraq and Turkey since 2016. 

Re:Coded works with some of the world’s leading organizations, including content creators, such as Udacity, Coursera, and WeWork; tech companies like Google, SAP, and Atlassian; and funders such as the UN, the German government.

In March 2019, Re:Coded has launched its first co–working space in Iraq for its growing community. Re:Coded House serves as a base environment for Erbil’s growing tech and startup ecosystem; a space that brings people together around shared values and ambitions. 

The branding challenge was to design a new identity for this physical space while paying homage to the Re:Coded logo (the bird symbol). 

Contributions Concept Development, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Custom Icon Design, Art Direction

Sector Community Building, Education, Entrepreneurship, Technology

Concept Development

The Re:Coded House logo was designed to be reflective of the Re:Coded symbol. The line art in both symbols stand as the threads that tie the community together around the same values. When the Re:Coded logo is stripped down to its bare essence, it becomes a triangle – representing flight, motion, balance and technology. Two triangles that come together form a square. The square is representative of a building block, an area of land, a pixel and a frame. The Re:Coded House logo is formed of squares coming together forming an incomplete "h", inviting the viewer to fill the space. It represents the elevated view of a place from above – a bird’s eye view. It stands for openness, connection and possibility.

Icons as Values

The grid structure of the logo is designed to represent creativity and playfulness in a defined structure. The logo with icons is the secondary logo of Re:Coded House. Each icon represents a core value of Re:Coded House: Make, Learn, Community, Impact and Connect.

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