Ece Çiftçi is a Brand Identity Designer, Illustrator & Children’s Book Author with a B.A. in Psychology and experience in Advertising.

She has 7+ years of experience in building strategies and creating visual identity systems for brands that mainly focus on community–building, communication, education, childhood development, technology, social impact and sustainability. She also writes and illustrates books for children (and adults who are still secretly children).

Her work is driven by a desire to make people feel more connected through helping brands with a social mission to tell their stories.

Ece Çiftçi holds a B.A. degree in Psychology and Studio Art with a concentration in Photography from the University of Virginia. Ece completed a portfolio program specializing in Art Direction in Miami Ad School, San Francisco.

While working at advertising agencies and strategic design studios in New York (360i) and Istanbul (ATÖLYE, Blab) Ece has discovered her passion for storytelling and illustration through making side projects. She enjoys playing with words and pictures to capture the joys and absurdities of human nature. Since 2017, her work has been displayed in group exhibits including the PMS Augmented Reality Show, in Bant Mag. Havuz - Istanbul and the 13th edition of Tapirulan Cultural Associaton’s CIAO exhibition at Santa Maria della Pietà Cultural Center in Cremona, Italy. Ece Çiftçi’s book Yokhayvanlar/Nonanimals (published by Can Çocuk 2018) got shortlisted for the Nami Island International Picture Book Illustration Concours 2019 and took part in the exhibition in South Korea.

Skills Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Storytelling, Advertising, Concept Development, Logo Design, Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding Systems, Graphic Design, Books, Posters, Editorial Illustration, Character Design & Development, Making Playlists

Recognition & Exhibits featured in: 3x3 Annual ‘19, Nami Island International Picture Book Catalogue ‘19, Hürriyet Kitap Sanat ’18, Cumhuriyet Kitap‘18, Kadıköy Life ’18, Artful Living ’18, Design Chronicle ‘18, Arch Daily ‘17, XXI ‘17, Creativity–Online‘15, Huffington Post ‘13, Ads of the World ‘13, New York Egotist ‘13, San Francisco Egotist ‘13

2019 – 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, Merit Winner | Brooklyn, New York
2019 – Nami Island International Picture Book Concours, Finalist | Galleria Fole in the Seoul Forest, South Korea
2017 – PMS Augmented Reality Show, Bant Mag. Havuz | Istanbul, Turkey
2017 – 13th edition of Tapirulan Illustrators’ Contest “Ciao” Exhibition, Finalist | Cremona, Italy
2013 – Cannes Future Lions Finalist ‘Google Scene It’ | Cannes, France 2012 – Clio Key Arts Awards Finalist with the movie poster for Cinema Paradiso | Los Angeles, CA

Say hello: ec.ciftci@gmail.com

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